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Birch TreesRecently I was asked by one of the galleries in which I show to write an introduction for a special display of my work, here it is… When we moved to Crooked Tree Country (far northwest corner of the lower peninsula of Michigan) I was immediately overwhelmed by its spirituality… by the magical nature of its forests and it creatures, by the magnificence of its great lake, and the tranquility of its meadows and tree lined roads and trails. Each day this land quietly speaks to me through its purity, sublime spirit and visual richness.

Often I have little interest in the realistic depiction of images but am more directed by their feel and rhythm … and occasionally I am carried across the line into a visual narrative versus a more traditional straight forward depiction of natural images. I truly hope you can feel the land of the Crooked Tree through my etched and carved glass … this is truly a mythical land. To understand my work, it is important to understand where I am coming from, where is my center … I think the preceding statement says it all.

The purpose of this site is to give you an understanding of etched and carved glass and the many ways that it can be used… in vase ware to hanging panels and room dividers to entire door systems. Following find samples of my etched glass. Unlike most etched glass, each of my pieces is hand cut and etched with the finest grade sand under high pressure. No photographic means are used; each piece is an original.

Thanks for coming along on the tour!

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