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Tom HammillThe unique characteristics of glass create exciting opportunities for me as an artist. Since the discovery of glass over 5,000 years ago, mankind has been delighted with its clarity, depth of color and flexibility. Glass is very versatile and challenging – a true delight to work with! I thoroughly enjoy the engraving and etching process and I find glass the perfect medium for incorporating my illustrations of natural and indigenous motifs reflecting the purity, sublime spirit, and visual richness of our northern Michigan landscape.

My custom glass creations include:

Enjoy browsing my website to familiarize yourself with my art. Unlike most etched glass, each of my pieces is hand cut and etched with the finest grade sand under high pressure. No photographic means are used. Each piece is an original.

Please email to discuss how I might create a unique etched and carved glass piece of artwork for you.

Tom Hammill

Tom Hammill




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